Here are the divisions with an opening:


Human Resources & Internal Events:
Here you will have the opportunity to get in contact with all members of the association, from an organizational point of view. Furthermore, you will interview the new applicants and set up the recruitment process. That’s not all: we plan many internal events!

The Marketing and Advertisement division focuses on expanding and spreading knowledge of Space Economy and Space Law. This division manages the outflow of information towards our passionate followers all around the world on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and through our campaigns.

Space Law:
Our last entry. The development of the Space Economy can only happen side by side with a parallel growth of Space Law. Due to the vast expertise of Bocconi Law students, this division breaks down the intricacies of Space Law to our members, and accompanies our Projects division. Laws break atmospherical boundaries.

Our division plays a key role in establishing a presence for the association in the international network of companies and institutional entities linked to the space industry: we operate mainly through LinkedIn, giving you the opportunity to connect with the players of this constantly developing reality.

Knowledge Sharing:
By applying to the Knowledge Sharing division you will have the opportunity to create group presentations and articles, based on topics related to space economy and innovation. You will also be able to develop your team working and leadership skills and inspire people through involvement in space-related projects.

Reports Division:
The Reports division consists in the elaboration, in teams, of documented reports in the field of space exploration and development. The formats vary from consultancy to financial analysis, and policy papers. Working in this division will allow you to gain experience in these domains and to learn a lot more about the space sector. You will also have the possibility to present your work to the other members.

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